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Things Mobile makes it easy to stay on top of things, with smart devices that help you manage what matters most. All powered by world’s best network.

What is Things Mobile?

The first global mobile operator dedicated only to the Internet of Things. The flexibility and scalability of Things Mobile solutions allows you to create more sustainable living environments, streamline and make your services more efficient, optimize your energy consumption and create real sustainable Smart Cities. With Things Mobile, you can create a smarter world in which technology can significantly change people's lives, thanks to the real power of exchanging data between devices and mobile systems around the world.


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It works anywhere in the world

Things Mobile offers coverage in more than 165 countries around the world and supports all currently available networks: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, CAT-1, CAT-M1 and soon NB-IoT. In particular, the 2G network is still an optimal solution if you are not ready yet to switch to the 4G LTE network.

It fits any device

All you need to connect your IoT or M2M device is our unique SIM card, which works anywhere in the world and guarantees high levels of performance for every need. The Things Mobile SIM card is available in all sizes: mini (2FF), micro (3FF), nano (4FF), SIM-On-Chip (MFF2 embedded).

A clear plan

Things Mobile has unbeatable rates in all countries around the world and has no initial, fixed or management costs: just pay what you use. In addition, you can have custom plans built around your business needs.

Multi-operator connectivity

Things Mobile connects to a network of more than 350 roaming operators, providing you with the world's largest mobile telecommunications coverage, so that your IoT or M2M devices can reach where they are needed. What makes our IoT network special is that is always on the move and available even in places with difficult access.

Protect your data

Things Mobile meets the highest international standards of privacy and security for your sensitive data.

GSM Localization

The Things Mobile SIM card can be localized via a sophisticated and accurate GSM triangulation system.

APIs for custom integrations

All control and management functions are available via APIs.

SIM Management

Check your SIM card traffic from an effective and comprehensive web platform: Wherever your device is, you will have a single contact person, a single contract, a single portal and, of course, a single invoice. Management, like technology, helps simplify things.

Data Threshold and User Alerts

Set the limits of usage and personalized alerts when certain thresholds are reached or set a maximum operating time for your SIM card. Any activity on your device can be configured, customized and monitored.

Traffic Details and Costs

Manage your devices' consumption in real time on a global scale: check out CDRs with details of costs on the web platform or download them in your preferred format.


Connect your devices to your private company network. Create all the private networks you want and we will give you the best possible connection.

Fixed IP

Things Mobile offers three types of fixed IP: 1) The standard private fixed IP model is the safest. These SIM cards have fixed private Internet protocols. 2) The custom fixed private IP model uses the same method as the standard model. However, IoT devices use a Customer-defined APN and IP address. 3) The public fixed IP model provides a public IP address. This allows you to connect to a router and connected IoT devices from any computer connected to the Internet.

Sending and receiving text messages from the IoT Portal

Send and receive SMS from your devices quickly and easily with the IoT Portal.

Your key to a smarter world is right there.

The “Internet of Things” is the network of equipment and devices connected via Machine-to-Machine (M2M) SIM card: they can be sensors for fitness, cars, radios, air conditioning systems, as well as household appliances and furnishing items, cameras, and containers for the transport of goods. The IoT service allows any duly equipped electronic device to exchange data, information and commands with other connected objects, people or processes via dedicated software.

Join Things Mobile in the next industrial revolution.



Medical devices that allow healthcare professionals to monitor patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, reducing patient stress, avoiding transfers and improving diagnostic options.

Consumer Engagement

Your product is always in contact with your customers. Extract data on the hours of most intense consumption, the use of vending machines, public access, ticket sales, etc. Real-time, remote commercial information enables you to study behaviors and identify trends, needs and opportunities. Learn how it is used, interact with your customers and contact them at the right moment.

Home automation

Our homes are becoming increasingly connected with smart devices. Control of air conditioning, lighting, alarms and other domestic systems in automatic and remote mode. Our system enables you to reduce energy consumption, monitor the safety of the home environment and manage smart refrigerators that control food expiration or shortage.

Automated sale

The future of sales is to make the purchasing process smoother, more user-friendly and faster. 1) Distribution machines that warn you when products run out and are able to place your order with the nearest warehouse. 2) Vending Machine: M2M solutions for vending machine management allow you to optimize processes, automate and reduce costs.

Industry 4.0

M2M Solutions allow you to know, analyze and control production chain in real time to rationalize costs and optimize performance. Smart manufacturing and the smart supply chain are the result of the Internet of Things , increasing the effectiveness and smartness of a variety of industries and corporate activities.


A smart distribution chain is the key to compete on the global stage: 1) Tracking of containers and means of transportation to always have complete control of the location and state of goods. 2) Systems to monitor the interruption of the cold chain, the opening of doors or scheduled routes.


M2M solutions help to make commercial or corporate fleets safer and more effective: 1) From mileage and fuel consumption monitoring to location in the event of theft, and emergency systems in the event of an accident. 2) Monitoring of the status and operation of each connected system to reduce repair times and solve unforeseen events.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities will be tomorrow’s cities: 1) Digital signage: bus stops, traffic information panels and urban or commercial services updated in real time. 2) Traffic control: control of traffic lights, tunnels and public parking lots and coordination of urban transportation to improve traffic flow and reduce vehicle emissions. 3) Public lighting: remote control of power-on/off, optimisation of consumption, troubleshooting, etc.

Why Things Mobile?

At Things Mobile, we can boast over 10 years of experience in global mobile telecommunications and our experts are now available to share their expertise and help you master your company’s challenges. We know that developing an Internet of Things solution can be complex. We are committed to making it simple.

Our services

Our experience and global service offer many opportunities for innovation and growth for your company and a great improvement in the quality of life worldwide. It is really exciting to imagine the future and make it come true. Be a part of the revolution! Contact us and we will be happy to share our experience with you.





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Made to measure

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Our platform is designed to maximize the development of your prototype.


Our platform is perfectly scalable for mass production.

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