• The world’s first ecoSIM card

    Things Mobile’s eco-friendly IoT and M2M SIM card protects the environment by reducing plastic waste by up to 80%.


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Things Mobile is committed to reducing the waste of plastic from SIM cards that are embedded in an absolutely useless plastic frame.
The new ecoSIM format is much smaller in size and can significantly minimize environmental impact.
The size of the packaging is about one fourth of that currently on the market and uses less than 4 grams of plastic, as opposed to the 16 grams of conventional SIM cards. The benefit for the environment is clear: given the forecast that about one million ecoSIMs will be sold by 2022, about 13 tons of plastic and a total of 80 kg of CO2 emissions will be saved, that is, the same amount of emissions from a medium-sized car traveling around the world.

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