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 Change to the price plans, in force from August 28, 2020


In recent years the Internet of Things and Machine to Machine market has grown exponentially, along with the demand for connectivity from millions of devices all over the world.

However, the mobile network operators who provide connectivity services are noting that the amount of data exchanged by each device tends to be very low.

Having a large number of devices that on average exchange small amounts of data is a problem for operators, because they have very low revenue and margins but they still have to provide high-quality services. It is increasingly common for IoT and M2M SIM cards in devices that are connected to networks to exchange very few kilobytes, or even none at all.

Consequently, a number of operators have introduced monthly fees which are charged for connection to their networks regardless of the amount of data exchanged. Due to this situation and the charges that will be made by some of our partner operators, we have introduced a maximum monthly connection fee of $0.20 for access to their networks. The rates do not include VAT where due.  The cost will be taken out of the shared credit of the account the first time a SIM card connects to the network in question in a calendar month. You can check the access costs for each operator here.

The connection charge will apply to all plans (pay-per-use plan without subscription fee, pay-per-use plan with subscription fee, unlimited plan, individual packages, shared packages) from August 28, 2020. The change has been made in accordance with art. 70, section 4 of Italian Legislative Decree 259/03.
Until August 28, 2020, you have the right to withdraw from the contract without penalty by sending an email to, accessing the IoT Portal and filling in the withdrawal form, or sending a letter by registered mail with return receipt to Things Mobile - Via Biron 102, 36050 Monteviale (VI) - Italy.

As always, our priority continues to be to provide a high-quality service at an unbeatable price, so we are striving to create new pricing solutions that will enable you to keep your margins high and develop your business as efficiently as possible.

We will let you know about our new solutions as soon as possible.

Posted on 07/24/2020