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Service Charter

Things Mobile S.r.l. Service Charter for Things Mobile


Things Mobile Srl based at Piazza Luigi di Svaoia 22 - 20124 Milan - Italy; VAT 09882960967 ("Company"), is a reseller of international mobile and landline electronic communication and data services. 

Things Mobile S.r.l. sells a Sim card called "Things Mobile" which ensures the reception/transmission of mobile data for the exclusive use of IOT ("Internet of Things") applications on fixed and mobile goods, such as appliances, vehicles, transport tools, video surveillance tools and other connectable products ("Services").

In the provision of aforementioned services, in compliance with the provisions of the Resolutions of the Italian Authority for Communications 179/03/CSP, 154/12/CONS and 79/09/CSP, 519/15/CONS.  Things Mobile S.r.l. abides by the principles of transparency, participation, efficiency, equality, fairness, courtesy and helpfulness. 


1. Equality and Fairness

Things Mobile S.r.l. undertakes to provide its services to all Customers alike, without discrimination, throughout the territories in which the services are provided and in accordance with any technical and legal constraints.

2. Rights of information

Things Mobile S.r.l. undertakes to provide complete and transparent information to the public on its offers and economic and technical conditions related to the Things Mobile Service and other additional services provided by it. Things Mobile S.r.l. undertakes to use simple, clear and understandable language, especially when communicating the economic conditions and the features of the services it offers to the public. 

3. Efficiency and Sharing

Things Mobile S.r.l. provides efficient services and will devote its best endeavors to upkeep and always improve their performance. Things Mobile S.r.l. understands that customers have full rights of buying extensive and complete services. Therefore, Things Mobile S.r.l. promotes the exchange of information on the functionality and efficacy of its services. Things Mobile S.r.l. intends to allow its Customers to make suggestions and proposals for improving its services and this Service Charter.

4. Courtesy and Transparency

Things Mobile S.r.l. undertakes to deal with Customers with courtesy and to ensure the utmost helpfulness and accessibility of information related to the services it offers.

5. Confidentiality

Things Mobile S.r.l. undertakes to treat customers data and information as strictly confidential. Customers have the right to be informed about the methods of processing personal data priorly to the processing and to give their free, separate and revocable consent to the various possible uses of their data, also by other authorized third parties. Customers are free to enter, modify or delete their personal data in line with the Privacy Policy published on www.Things

6. Consistency

Things Mobile S.r.l. ensures that the service provided through the Things Mobile card is available around the clock, all year long, except for discontinuance due to malfunctions or technical troubles. In these cases, Things Mobile S.r.l. undertakes to minimize customer disturbance and notify customers about beginning and end of service discontinuance/trouble, as technically possible.

7. Efficiency and Performance

Things Mobile S.r.l. intends to offer an immediate, expert and competent response to the customer needs, including through the adoption of most appropriate technological and organizational solutions.

8. Standard and Specific Standards

These are the quality levels that relate to all services offered by Things Mobile S.r.l., which shall be monitored over a reference period of no more than twelve months.

In particular, below are three quality indicators, and the specific quality standards that Things Mobile S.r.l. intends to guarantee: (1) Activation time of prepaid SIM cards: within 72 (seventy-two) hours of acceptance of the Things Mobile activation proposal by the Customer; (2) Response time of the Things Mobile S.r.l. Customer Service active from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday, and from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday: within 48 hours from the opening of the relevant ticket by the Client by sending an email message to; (3) Maximum time to replace a Things Mobile card due to technical reasons: 7 working days from the request forwarded through Things Mobile S.r.l. information channels.
Should the Company, in normal conditions, fail to comply with the specific standards (1) and (2) above, the Company abides to the resolution of the Italian Communications Authority n. 347/18/CONS regarding compensations related to the conflicts between Customers and telecommunication operators. 

9. Customer Information

The Service Level related to the electronic communication services offered by Things Mobile S.r.l. is specified in the attachment to this Service Charter, which is yearly updated.

10. Customer Information

In order to ensure consistent information on corporate procedures and initiatives of interest to Customers, including new rules and regulations, contracts and rates, Things Mobile S.r.l. shall avail itself of all of the following tools, either jointly or severally, on a case-by-case basis:
1) information services on the website;
2) leaflets and other materials on the services available at all Things Mobile S.r.l. authorized dealers;
3) messages on Things Mobile packages;