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The Things Mobile SIM are available in mini (2FF), micro (3FF), nano (4FF), and SIM-On-Chip (MFF2 embedded) size.

You need to create a new APN and configure it as follows.


- Username: (leave blank)

- Password: (leave blank)

Yes, the APN is unique for all Countries covered by Things Mobile.

Things Mobile SIM cards have a dynamic IP by default.

The Things Mobile SIM aren't natted but they have a firewall and the ip is private.

Yes, you can request it.

The IP is private. You can required a public IP

Yes, you can request it.

The Things Mobile SIM cards are no-steering.

No, The Things Mobile SIM hasn't expiration date.

You can order Things Mobile SIM cards on the online shop or contacting our IoT experts.

Usually the order is shipped within one business day.

Credit card, debit cards and bank transfer are accepted.

You just need to click on the section "Support" and fill out the form.

No, SIM card assistance and consulting for the development of new projects has no limits.