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Things Mobile is a stroke of genius that comes from far away.
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How the idea was born

Things Mobile is the result of the decade-long experience of its founder in international roaming. With the advent of the IoT revolution, Manuel Zanella has developed a product specifically designed to cut costs and the time needed to connect to the network.

The company’s founder

Manuel Zanella is the founder and CEO of Zeromobile, the low-cost roaming mobile operator, and Chatsim, the world’s first SIM card for unlimited chatting. He has created Things Mobile with a single goal in mind: bringing a revolution to the technology of interconnected objects, making it more user-friendly and faster for innovators the world over.


Things Mobile allows you to connect and manage your IoT products all over the world.
A simple and affordable rate and single mobile operator. Our wireless connection works anywhere.
Things Mobile will make your product reach every market in the world. We’ll take care of everything.

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